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Russian Ushanka Hat

This is Soviet and Russian Army Military Ushanka Winter Fur Hats Internet Store.

The Internet store is based on Drupal UberCart package. There is simple customization of 2CO payment getaway function.

Also there is a function of random header images and strong SEO optimization of all site pages.

Catalog and product pages were created by custom views not by standard UberCart settings. There are image carousel and lightbox entities on the products page.

Artist Andrey Sterkhov

We have created simple portfolio site with several content pages, several galleries and photo set page with lightbox feature.

Gallery pages are made in custom solution: you can see large image on hover thumbnail in the left column.
See for example.

We have made responsive solution and site works on all tablet and mobile devices!

Russian Military Internet Store

This is simple Internet Store on the base of Commerce KickStart Drupal 7.
There are multi-categories product catalog, online payment etc.

Drupal 7 Real Estate catalog for Moscow region (Russia).
It has easy, user friendly interface, responsive template
and 100% support of mobile devices.
Direct customer.


The Oklahoma Child Care Resource & Referral Association is praised by regional agencies as a priceless source of information, support, technical advice and advocacy that enables the entire network to make progress toward the day when. In the site combined flash technology and Drupal. Based data sended from Drupal and displayed in the menu with Flash.


This is a Science Museum of Oklahoma. Drupal 6 based site. Sending data from Drupal via XML-Post to Flash. And displaying via Flash technology.


The MUHC Education Portfolio is a large group that includes nurses, doctors, members of the allied healthcare teams such as physiotherapists, pharmacists and other specialists. Site based on the Drupal 6 CMS which worked on the IIS7 web server.

Also, this template can be used for homework writing service sites, like


The DIAA's mission is to promote excellence in the Australian dairy industry by providing a forum for communication, continuing education, professional growth, recognition and fellowship for all members, sectors and participant organisations involved with the dairy industry. Develop a payment module to connect to Securepay's Directone Payment gateway.


Photographer Carol Sachs web site. On the site was created a two-dimensional photo gallery. Also present on the site general slideshow. For site we has apply responsive design and for two-dimensional gallery swipe technology that provides useful listing site on the tablet PC and telephones.

Also we share solution of two-dimensional photo gallery with Drupal community as contributed module Swipe Photo Gallery.